Tel Aviv

This is real experience of most of Tel–Aviv young people. This is what I hear every day from others. I do disagree with all that, because I think this is the result of Middle East paganism and Islam, nevertheless – it is as it is. Gille Delouse with Hebrew accent. One religious in Jerusalem said: “Are they Jewish? No, these people are not Jewish anymore.” Maybe it is funny to read, but all these stories… are real.

“The Rise and Fall of Tel-Aviv and Spiders from Mars”

Tel-Aviv/Jaffo - double bind 

One student girl wanted me to help her learn Hebrew plus I promised her to teach give her a few 3D architectural lessons. During our second session she explained to me her design idea: “I want to make project of sanatorium for old people. I want to use curved beams for main structure (she started to sketch in plan few ‘heart like’ curves). The project idea was titled: “Tel–Aviv“. Tel (hill) and Aviv (spring). ‘Tel‘ is something getting older and ‘Aviv’something young.

If you are in Tel-Aviv, don’t be afraid if the city will try to split you. Quite soon you will be able to understand that you are not alone – you are being devided in two parts. You are doubled and appeared in traps of double bind. The power of double bind is actually the same power, that keeps together two spirals of DNA. Two triangles of Magen David Israel and Juda – with intension to be completely split since time of king’s Solomon sin of Astarta worship. You will be doubled in the nearest cafe, where you came just to drink a coffee or glass of water with two pieces of ice and smoke two cigarettes. Together with coffee you will get attention of nice waitress and waiter, who will split you again. Situations like that will never give you a freedom of choice. You will be doubled at work trying to work at two projects at the same time and if you succeed – you will be nicely asked for more, more and more… Faster, faster, faster… Until you will start to feel that your brain is spliting in two cores. Just like a modern computer. (Splitting of CPU in two cores – was an idea of engineers from Israel.)

"Whiskey, mystique man"

Tel-Aviv is one big disorder. This is Kabbalah of maniac depression of Shabtai Zvi, porno-comics of sexual abuse of Auschwitz prisoners, hashish of soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Schizophrenia of genocide nation, that was successfully treated but patient became addicted to pills, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, drugs, violence and sex. Posters of semi-legal synthetic cannabiliod ‘Mr.Niceguy’ with image of superman around the all city. Visit cards and magazines with prostitutes on asphalt around hotels and small shops. Alcoholics sleep on benches. Sex-boutique bar on Dizingoff street. Drunk girls who fall on you at the bars – this is theway to show you their sexual attention. You didn’t come to Tel-Aviv gay-parade? You might consider yourself: a faggot.

One taxi-driver had between legs a plastic can full of one shekel coins. With one hand he hold the helm and with another “plays” with coins. I ask him: “Ma ata so?” – “Kesef” – “Ata ma, mishuga?” – “Eih ata yodea?” (“What are you doing?” – “Money” – “Are you what, crazy?” – “How do you know?“)

Don’t be scared if one day you will get felling that you can read minds or intentions of people you are in touch. Symbols and phrases on the t-shirs, ads in internet or on posters, dreams, strangers of the street say you something, phone-calls or sms one day can stand in one logical system. No, you are not crazy, man. This is Tel-Aviv mystique. Someone from your friends is probably religious, study Kabbalah or practice yoga of mortal art. Someone is trying to hypnotise you. This is the same trap of double bind. If don’t like it, if do you think – this is madness – than leave the city. Here doesn’t exist another way of communication except subconscious impulses. Don’t believe what people are talking to you. Words here don’t mean nothing anymore. Tel-Aviv – this is Solaris planet, where everybody is cell of hyper-brain of the planet’s ocean. You can say, that Solaris is intellect-debil, but probably you just unable to understand alien’s logic from space.

"Circumcising and Tel-Aviv's bubble"
After you will be double-binded, mystified being drunk and split between girls and gays, if after all psychiatrist says you don’t have any pathologies, than you have to be circumcised. Tel-Aviv – this is materia, that lost their Aristotle’s forma, this is materia, that after loosing forma started to loose materialism itself. Your body cells and atoms have to be spit into energy, energy into nothing. You have to circumcise your eyes, your nose, your legs and arms, your ears, your heart, you have to shave and cut your nails and hairs. You have to make to your body a shape of bubble, that receives an energy of Ein Sof – Kabbalistic the Light of Nothing – directly from the sky, to be able to live in that Solaris-ocean, in that noise of human minds and wills. And believe me, yogurt Danon or Star Wars Droidic energetic bubble protection here doesn’t work. You don’t hear, don’t want, don’t see, don’t touch, don’t talk, don’t will, don’t criticise – you are existing as immortal bubble of foam on the waves of Mediterranean Sea that does only DON’T. As another bubbles around you. Israel Sovlanut (patience) – that what makes you immortal. If you loose the Sovlanut – you explode. This is not post-modernistic society, Tel-Aviv is the best example of society that comes after post-modern.

And maybe, maybe after being a bubble you will understand: you are still human being inside of bubble, God creature, with all your body, soul, minds, wills, feelings and love.

Tel-Aviv – the Hill of Spring. One and unique white city of Bauhaus.

Alexey, WDDW Israel . architect

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